A REAL "Multi-Tribute" Entertainment Experience!

This is one rockin' band, featuring one of the most exciting, entertaining MULTI-TRIBUTE artists working today!  (As seen on the Jimmy Kimmel Live stage!)


Steve Waddington is widely known and in demand for his spot-on tributes to Johnny Cash, Neil Diamond, Johnny Rivers, Elvis, Dean Martin, and so much more! And he sounds just like the artists he covers! But, as exacting as his impressions are, the emphasis is always on FUN! Fun for EVERYONE...Steve, the band, the venue and, most importantly, the audience!
He is an amazingly talented singer/guitarist with a gift for replicating not only the sound, but the overall "essence" of these iconic entertainers. He does complete stand-alone tribute shows, or combinations of tributes, or, puts it all together into a show that covers everything "From Rat Pack to Rock & Roll", complete with costume changes! And his band is comprised of the finest professional musicians in Southern California, many of whom play with the biggest names in the entertainment industry. Being true veterans of casinos, nightclubs, performing arts centers, festivals, private and corporate parties, they know how to make each event a party to remember. It's a concert you can dance to, and a show that will keep you coming back for more, because no two shows are ever the same! 


At most performances Steve is joined onstage by the equally amazing Miss SUSAN RITTER, a phenomenal vocalist & guitarist in her own right who brings the hits of Bonnie Raitt, Imelda May, Amy Winehouse and more to this amazing show! She's "June" to Steve's "Johnny" and sings other duets with him as well. (See separate page bio above)

Acclaimed by audiences and industry professionals as one of  the best entertainment values in Southern California, this exciting show is a MUST SEE for anyone who is a fan of quality, variety entertainment!

Countless hours are spent by each musician listening to the songs & artists, learning to not only replicate, but interpret, and, in some cases, update, the original arrangements by the original artists. In many cases, the original artists themselves have made changes to their own arrangements to accommodate their live shows, studio performances and recordings. Steve and his band select the "best of" in all instances, providing their audiences with the freshest, yet most memorable versions of their favorite songs...a sort of  hybrid of the original recordings and best concert performances.

He has backed just about anyone who is anyone in entertainment over the last four decades. An accomplished musician-accompanist, he covers it all from jazz to pop to rock to standards and classics. Sometimes in the duration of a single song! In addition to being one of the most highly sought-after keyboardists in Southern California, he was pianist./MD every Monday night, for almost 30 years, for Skip E. Lowe's Showcase in Beverly Hills, backing every entertainer who appeared. He has countless studio and live performance credits that would over-fill this entire website.

His drumming can be heard on television and film sound tracks for shows such as “ER”, “The Honeymooners” and “Bob Newhart” specials—and more recently the film soundtrack for “Kettle of Fish.” Gary has recorded many CDs and performed live with hundreds of artists playing jazz, latin, blues, big band, R&B, Broadway shows, rock and pop music styles. He also maintained a steady gig at the Loews Hotel In Santa Monica for 14 years performing with the Daniel May Trio.

One of the most versatile and in-demand bassists working today. Electric, stand up, jazz, blues, rock, pop, funk, r&b, soul, standards, great American Songbook, tribute shows, clubs, casuals, corp events, casinos, studio recordings, TV, film, jazz combos, duos, big bands and more. He is another musician who's credits would fill an entire encyclopedia!

The MASTER guitarist. He plays rock, folk, blues, slide, pop, jazz, country, funk, soul, r&b, contemporary, gospel/worship, big band, show, tribute, originals and more! And he plays it all incredibly well! And he sings! His credits touch on everything from hit studio releases, soundtracks, TV and radio commercials, club and concert dates with some of the biggest names in the industry to small club, church/worship functions, benefits, and anything he deems FUN and worthwhile! And he can emulate ANY style to perfection!

The main performers. See bio page.

Horn Sections and additional backup vocalists are added as needed.

This is one of the most exciting, energetic, dynamic shows to spring from Southern California in a LONG time!

The show can be presented in multiple formats:
Steve Waddington Presents:

"The Johnny Cash Tribute": full costume, Susan as "June", 30-90 min
"The Neil Diamond Tribute": Neil's hits, full costume,  30-90 min
"The Dean Martin Tribute": Dino, other Rat Pack era songs, 30-90 min
"The Retro-Rockers": excerpts of Neil Diamond, Johnny Cash tributes
      PLUS, depending on length of show, these 'sub-sets':
     * Johnny Rivers A Go Go (the hits of Johnny Rivers),
     * The Sons of Sun (Sun Records' Elvis, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis,         Johnny Cash, Conway Twitty, Charlie Rich, etc.)
     * The Hits of Buddy Holly (Buddy Holly!) 
        and select songs from Elvis, Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent, Bill               Haley, Chuck Berry, Fats Domino, Little Richard and more!
     * The Hippie-Dippie Sixties (Buffalo Springfield, Beatles, Stones,             Kinks, Donovan),
        and select songs from Bruce Springsteen, Glen Campbell, Jace               Everett...Steve's funny-but-good-hearted  spoofs on 
        Lou Reed, Gordon Lightfoot, Bob Dylan, 70s, 80's 'new wave'                 (From the Romantics to the Ramones!), Dwight Yoakam,
        Chris Isaak and a whole lot more!
      * Plus Susan Ritter sings Bonnie Raitt, Imelda May, Grace Slick, V.V.         Brown, Linda Ronstadt, Ann-Margret and more!
"From Rat Pack to Rock & Roll": excerpts from all of the above
        ...or any combination of the above shows/tributes!
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