Stage Plot for 6 piece band

Number of musicians and layout of band are subject to the size of venue, the actual show being produced and requirements set forth at time of booking. The above stage plot is the most commonly utilized configuration for this show. If and when other performers are employed a new stage plot will be created and sent. If just one or two horn players are added, they generally go stage right.

When back-line provided by venue/promotor:

Lead Guitar:
(electric and/or acoustic guitar/s)
amp (mic'd) and d.i.
vocal mic/boom-stand, monitor

Rhythm Guitars/ LEAD VOCALIST 
(acoustic and electric guitars)
amp (mic'd) and d.i.
vocal mic/boom-stand ROUND BASE ONLY, monitor
wireless mic

(acoustic and/or Electric bass/es)
amp (mic'd) and d.i.

kick, snare, 3 toms, hi-hat-ride-crash cymbals, cowbell
drums mic'd: kick, snare, overhead

electric piano/synth, weighted keys, poly synth
amp (mic'd) and/or d.i.
vocal mic/boom-stand, monitor

Female vocalist:
vocal mic/stand and monitor
wireless mic

Mixing board 12-16 ch w/ EFX ( rev, delay)
Sound engineer
Multiple monitor mixes
4 vox (SM-58 or better) mics ( two wireless for lead singers)
4 boom-stands (at least one round base boom for lead singer)
Drum mics: Snare, Kick, Overhead
2 guitar amps mic'd
4 d.i. boxes: 2 acoustic guitars, 1 bass, 1 keyboards
4 floor monitors (stage right, stage center, stage left, drummer)
2 side fills, left/ right
4 standard electrical outlets (2 each side stage)
5 music stands

Lighting system should be adequate for staging and adjustable.
Follow spot plus operator /Lighting engineer

"Green Room"
A private, secure, non-public room/ area with adequate lighting and at least one large mirror (for costume changes), storage of cases, instrument tuning, personal items, clothing, etc. and seating for 6-10 people shall be provided for the band. Bottled water/soft drinks, glasses and any other amenities greatly appreciated. Food/snacks/meals and breaks will be discussed and contracted at time of booking.

Sound/ Lights:
The band has sound systems and amplifiers and can provide them for local shows. If venue/promoter/client wishes the band to provide sound system/P.A., it must be discussed at time of booking.

Due to various venue's rules, regulations, and liability concerns, the band does NOT carry a lighting system. Most venues have their own lighting systems in place. Should the venue/promoter/client wish for the band to secure lighting for the show, it must be discussed at time of booking.

Band, Performers, Technicians:

Steve Waddington reserves the right, at his own discretion, to employ any and all musicians, singers, performers or technical support as necessary to perform his show. In most cases, the musicians/performers mentioned in this web site are the "usual suspects" and are the first-call artists employed by Steve for most of his shows. However, all of the artists Steve works with are also in high-demand by some of the biggest names in the entertainment business, such is the caliber of talent he employs. If one of the usual musicians is booked elsewhere, Steve has a pool of talent from which he can draw, and they are more than equal to the task. And they all have worked with Steve enough times to have their parts, and the overall pacing of the show, locked-in, ensuring a great show, every time!

"From Rat Pack To Rock & Roll", "The Retro-Rockers", "The Retro-Rockin' All-Stars", "The Rat Pack Rockers" "For The Love of Dino", "The FEEL of NEIL", "THE Neil Diamond Tribute", "Cashin' In", THE Johnny Cash Experience", "Johnny Rivers A-Go-Go", "The Sons of Sun" and all of the tribute shows and sub-sets therein are Steve Waddington creations and productions for which he reserves the right to produce as he sees fit.