Once a year, for the Halloween season, you can find the Steve doing the BEST Herman Munster since Fred Gwynne! Steve pays tribute to another one of his childhood heroes...and the movements, the voice, the height, the look...he BECOMES Herman! And Susan loves to dress as Lily...or even spices it up with her spot-on sexy ELVIRA! Available for parties, shows, etc...because they can get the band dressed up and launch into their own "MUNSTERs A GO_GO!" show! You gotta see it to believe it!

"Bates Motel"

Steve Waddington (Chris Isaak cover, rewritten lyrics))

Based on the song "Blue Hotel" by Chris Isaak...intro and outro by Herman Munster. All instruments and voices performed and recorded by Steve Waddington. Lyrics by Steve Waddington.

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